Modulecon’s Sure Slab System is a fully suspended concrete slab off ground solution designed for reactive soil conditions. Through the ingenuity and collaboration of various patented building products, Modulecon has been able to resolve the major concerns regarding the management of soil conditions for domestic footing and foundation designs.

The costs associated with these concerns have been increasing constantly over the years for structural design engineers, whilst creating increasing construction issues for building companies.

  • Answer and solution to H – E class soils
  • Quick and easy slab solution
  • No excavation or soil removal
  • No need for heavy machinery
  • No need to strip formwork after pour
  • Lower cost, especially on reactive soil sites
  • Determine accurate concrete volumes and minimise wastage
  • Pure suspended slab with no environmental disturbance
  • Fully engineered and certified in Australia, meeting all Australian Building Codes

Sure Slab Process

The building perimeter is double checked and perimeter string lines are laid out, insuring that all measurements correspond to all relevant plans plans.

Once the building grid is confirmed, all Surefoots are placed in accordance to architectural and engineering plans provided by Modulecon.

Central piles are driven into the ground allowing for Surefoots to be welded to specified heights and levels.

Piles are now driven into the ground locking the surefoot into positon.

Once the piles have hit refusal they can be cut to the height of the surefoot, allowing for a level surface for the beam to placed on.

Galvanised Equal Angels are used around the perimeter of the slab serving a dual purpose. Firstly the “perimeter” beam acts as a formwork for the pouring of the slab and secondly acts as a lintel to carry the load of the exterior cladding of the building, the perimeter beam is supported by Surefoots at a maximum of 3m spacing.

All beams and piles are welded to Surefoots, fusing together to create the foundation and formation of the slab.

The Expandable Honeycomb Panels are used in the system as “lost formwork” breaking down over time to create a void beneath the slab allowing for the slab to be fully suspended and supported by the Surefoots.

Camera's are inserted into all pipes insuring that no damage has been made during the installation of the surefoot piles.

200um Polythene film is placed on top of the void former prior to the placement of reinforcement and pouring of the slab to seal the bottom of the slab acting as a further vapour barrier. All specified reinforcement is then laid down prior to slab pour.

All concrete is poured, and finished to the top of the permitter beams.

The slab is now complete, beams allow for exterior claddings. The system is fully supported and suspended above ground.

Sure Slab – Steel Perimeter Beam

Sure Slab – Concrete Edge Beam

Traditionally precast concrete panels are held up by concrete footings or boards piers connected to the underside of a panel with ferrules. This conventional method of erecting panels entails an excessive amount of soil removal and concrete piers or footings needed to support the precast concrete panel.

What if there was a way to support a precast panel, whilst saving money, time and raw materials? Well now there is…

Modulecon’s Sure Panel Precast Foundation System is a new ingenious method assisting in the erection of precast concrete panels, set to revolutionise the precast panel industry.

This system incorporates the use of Surefoot’s patented technology to create a structural load bearing pile cap combined with Modulecon’s panel bracket to allow for seamless erection of a conventional precast panel, and temporary support props.

This concrete free foundation system allows for each concrete precast panel to be supported strategically along the span of a wall. The Sure Panel System ties in easily with ground slab for monolithic integrity.

• No need for heavy machinery or soil removal
• No waiting for curing of concrete footings
• Speed and Efficiency
• Affordability
• Strength

How It Works

Pile Cap

Modulecon’s Sure Panel system has been engineered to seamlessly integrate with any traditional concrete precast panel. Through the collaboration with Surefoot, Modulecon has designed a new foundation system for the precast panel.

The Surefoot pile cap works in sync with Modulecon’s Precast Panel Bracket allowing for a panel to be fully supported without the need of any costly and time consuming board piers or strip footings.

Quick, easy, affordable and without the need for any soil removal, or waiting for the curing of concrete foundations.

Modulecon Precast Panel Bracket

The team at Modulecon has designed and engineered a fully certified panel bracket allowing for the ease of connection from Panel to Surefoot.

The brackets utilise Slotted holes allow for the ease of alignment and fixing to panels through a simple bolt connection. Each panel bracket is hot dipped galvanised insuring the longevity of each individual bracket.

Galvanised Piles

The galvanised piles work in collaboration with the Surefoot pile cap using a combination of skin friction and bearing. The system can be used in any penetrable soil-sands, silts, clays, small gravels etc. and can be installed with a simple jackhammer. Installation times range from 3 minutes to 10 minutes, depending on which size Surefoot you are using, giving instant bearing capacity in every direction.

Standard load capacities of Surefoot’s pile used in the Surepanel system range from 160kn to 360kn.


Collaborating with Surefoot pile, Modulecon has also created a new practical method of propping concrete precast panels. With the use of the Surefoot pile cap, Modulecon has designed a simple and easy method for the connection between the prop brace and the Surefoot pile cap through a simple nut and bolt connection.