“Modulecon is proud to announce its partnership with By-Jas Engineering in delivering turn-key solutions for the design, manufacture and installation of sewage treatment, water treatment and industrial waste products and facilities globally”…

Design, manufacture & install of quality sewage treatment equipment since 1979.

Since as far back as 1979, By-Jas Engineering Pty Ltd has been involved in the design, manufacture and installation of sewage treatment equipment for water treatment and industrial waste.

Along with the treatment of sewage our team can also deal with sludge dewatering and aerator systems for lakes and rivers. From our 86,000 sq. ft premises at Hastings in Victoria we are ideally situated to service the whole of Australia.

Our services from design to installation & commissioning of the plant.

We look after the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of water treatment plants including sewage treatment equipment and eco friendly aerator systems. Project applications include waste water management, sludge dewatering and large scale aeration schemes. Our skilled maintenance team are also available for the maintenance and repair of water treatment equipment.

Alongside our own plant and equipment, we also manufacture under license from other overseas companies. Our specialist field includes our own range of low energy consumption floating aerators and flotation systems.

Our dedicated team of waste water specialists are experts in all aspects of design and installation.

Here at By-Jas Engineering Pty Ltd, we provide a highly specialised design, manufacture, installation and commissioning service for turnkey trade waste treatment plants. Our specialist services include sewage treatment and sludge dewatering equipment for projects of all sizes right across Australia. Our dedicated team of waste water specialists will work with you in all aspects of the design and installation of your required system.

We are dedicated to satisfying the expectations of our customers in all aspects of quality, attention to detail and customer care. Meeting our customers’ expectations and beyond in terms of fit for use, safety and reliability, is our top priority. Furthermore, our team is skilled at working within budget for on-time trade waste treatment and other project deliveries without any compromise to quality and customer care.

High standards achieved through implementation of a quality assurance system based on ISO 9001.

These objectives are achieved through the implementation and maintenance of a quality assurance system based upon ISO 9001.

Coupled with the involvement and co-operation of our skilled personnel, we are able to ensure consistent customer satisfaction and business success by getting it right the first time every single time.

For a wide range of water and sewage treatment services including sludge and aeration treatments throughout Australia, By-Jas Engineering Pty Ltd is the obvious choice.

A wide range of water and sewage treatment services including sludge and aeration treatments.

For a wide range of water and sewage treatment services including sludge and aeration treatments, By-Jas Engineering Pty Ltd is the obvious choice. Our custom design, manufacture and installation service takes care of all of your requirements from start to smoothly operating finish. Alongside the nuts and bolts of our operation, clients can also utilise our waste advisory service (WAS).

Apart from the obvious environmental concerns that arise from dealing with and treating sewage, there are certain monetary impacts that are well worthy of consideration. For a modest amount of expenditure invested in WAS, we are confident that we can identify the most economical and effective methods to deal with liquid waste.

If correctly applied, the application of WAS can be a valuable tool for anyone involved in sewage treatment especially where industrial fluid waste is concerned. For us, it is an invaluable device that can easily be incorporated to assist us at the design phase of our client’s turkey liquid waste projects.

We offer a wide range of quality, water/sewage treatment services by qualified, trained staff.

  • Examination of mains water usage to effect direct economies in consumption
  • Examination of water quality requirements throughout the factory with a view to the possible re-use of effluent after appropriate treatment
  • Examination of discharges with a view to
  • Reducing the volume and/or strength of discharge
  • Segregating those requiring varying types of degrees of treatment, or none at all
  • Retrieving valuable constituents
  • Assessment of design parameters
  • Recommendation of treatment processes considered most suitable
  • Preparation of outline plant specifications
  • Preparation of detailed specifications
  • Negotiation with regional and local authorities
  • Appraisal of schemes emanating from other sources
  • Plant commissioning
  • Technical assistance with plant operation and control
  • Investigation of any operating problems irrespective of the plants origin

By-Jas Waste Water Treatment Plant

Aerators in Action: Myrtleford Victoria

The issue

The town’s sewage and also the effluence from a paper mill were being discharged into a primary and secondary lagoon system. The water surface of the primary lagoon had become covered with a floating fibrous mass and a serious odour problem existed.

The solution

By-Jas Engineering provided an installation consisting of six 15kW aerators. The units were brought into use in 1975 and are still in use today.

The result

In less than 3 weeks the floating material had disappeared and with it the unpleasant odour.

Installation for Broadford Waste Water Treatment Plant

Aerator is fully assembled and is being lifted into the lagoon. This aerator was installed in 1987 and the bridge construction has changed to a single piece of RHS rather than the ladder style frame depicted in the photo.

Installation for Lakes Entrance

Fully assembled aerator being lifted into lagoon comlete with walkway and anti vortex/anti scour plate bolted to the cross tubes at the bottom of the tanks.

A closer look at the anti vortes/anti scour plate this shows how it is firmly bolted into place protecting the floor of the lagoon from damage and ensuring mixing of the top layer of the lagoon.

Installation for Waste Water Treatment Plant

Mooroopna Waste Water Treatment PlantThis shows a 55kW aerator floating in the water.

Morwell Waste Water Treatment Plant
2×22 kw aerators:
Fixed Bridge Aerators, water height controlled by a decant weir IDEA type plant.

Installation for Orbost Waste Water Treatment Plant

Aerator being liftted in to lagoon fully assembled with walkway and anti scour plate.

Aerator being lifted off Low Loader Fully assembled with walkway and anti scour plate held by chains at bottom of impellor.

Aerator floating in lagoon after ballasting.

Aerator operating in the lagoon

Installation for Orbost Waste Water Treatment Plant

A closer look at the impellor of 5.5kW aerator in action.

5.5 Kw aerator in action (forground) and the 30kW unit is in the background.

30 kw aerator in action. The antisplash shroud deflects the splash down back into the lagoon keeping the bridge, walkway and transmission clean and safe for the operator.

Installation for Wolf Blass

55 kw Aerator being assembled on site

Assembled and ready to be lifted in to lagoon

Aerator motor

Aerator being placed in lagoon

Aerator in action

Both aerators in action

Our water aeration systems are built around our in-house designed and manufactured mechanical aerators in Australia

We are the aeration specialists for the whole of Australia. Call the water aeration professionals at By-Jas.

By-Jas aeration

Our water aeration systems are built around our in-house designed and manufactured mechanical aerators. These are installed within the system as either conventional bridge mounted units or floating assemblies. Designed for longevity and minimum maintenance, they also offer very economical power consumption characteristics.

The larger floating systems incorporate an inbuilt stability that makes them highly suitable for lakes and rivers including waterways that are susceptible to tidal flow effects. When they are installed in rectangular sludge tanks or purpose built channels, these units give the plant designer a wide scope of configurations options using multiple units.

Surface aeration   

The beauty of the By-Jas cone aerator is that it works in such a way as to increase surface aeration by drawing fluid up and mixing it efficiently with a great amount of force. This process puts oxygen back into the depleted water faster by passing it over the surface cone design and exposing it to the air.

The By-Jas floating aerator is particular successful in this process because, by the very nature of its design, the unit is always on the surface of the water.

By-Jas floating aerators

The benefits of the By-Jas floating aerator come in both cost-saving and operational forms. With the absence of complex fixed constructions such as bridges and reinforced concrete tanks, the savings on installation more than stand up for themselves.

In operation and application, they come out on top again because they are suitable for a whole range of applications. They can be easily and effectively tethered, making them a flexible stand alone unit. The 3 pod flotation unit with ballast tanks is effective in high winds and turbulent conditions whilst the catamaran design used in less volatile environments is also virtually unsinkable.

A range of waste treatment products that can be supplied and installed across Australia.

Mechanical details

By-Jas aerator impellors are configured in a one clockwise and other anticlockwise pair for maximum agitation and turbulence of the water. This effect causes fluid to pass rapidly over the cone, placing large volumes of water in contact with the atmosphere for efficient aeration.

The gearboxes and all other components are locally manufactured making all the parts readily available and service for the units is also available 24/7. Maintenance can be carried out without bringing the units ashore and the Borg Warner transmissions have a bearing life of L10˃100.000 hours. The gearboxes are filled with oil and lubricated by grease with lubricant loss through the bottom seals being highly unlikely.

The pontoons are filled with polyurethane foam and all of the parts are coated with 3 coats of epoxy paint immediately following manufacture. Hot dip galvanisation treatment is also available as an option and all the hardware including bolts, nuts, washers and rivets are in fact treated by this process.

Aerator selection   

Our expert team calculate the ideal configuration of units to achieve the optimum BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) versus the ideal consumption of power. This calculation offers the most environmentally and energy friendly results that will make ongoing savings over the lifespan of the installation.


Power output and multi unit configuration is only one half of the By-Jas story. The input of oxygen into the fluid can be adjusted over a wide parameter by merely altering the submersion level of the aerator unit.

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing tailor made solutions to a wide range of fluid waste treatment requirements all across Australia

Design and manufacture for waste treatment plants across Australia.

At By-Jas Engineering Pty Ltd, ours is a highly specialised service and we have over 35 years of invaluable experience in the field. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing tailor made solutions to a wide range of fluid waste treatment requirements all across the country. Our systems have not only stood the test of time and the elements – they have been developed and improved over the years to meet the increasing demands of our customers.

We have drawn together a team of dedicated water treatment experts who are passionate about providing the very best in quality and service, on time every single time. Our primary area of expertises is the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of our own water treatment plants for industry and other water treatment bodies across Australia.

Quality custom-made water treatment systems to the highest Australian engineering standards.

Our friendly expert team offer our clients quality custom-made water treatment systems to the highest Australian engineering standards. They can arrange onsite inspections and free quotes with a fast turnaround on all of our design and build services.

We are dedicated to providing Australia’s best at highly competitive rates.